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Mar 15, 2013 8:00pm PDT
archives. >> "these cuts harm not help economy." to cuts in science research at the national lab president obama visited in illinois. >> "they don't trim the fat. they cut into muscle and into bone." >> reporter: talk to amanda harrison. whose husband john just lost the tuition assistance he receives from the marines. due to the automatic cuts. it's a program. that enticed him to join the marines in the first place. >> "you don't get to maintain a good job, i'm sorry, as a service member's wife. you know we give up a lot and this was a little something in return for everything we do." >> reporter: back at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. the students who wanted to get an up-close look of the white house. are getting a tour of broken government. >> "this is the people's house so we should have gone inside the house." >> reporter: a tour. that comes at a high price. >> "it's a terrible example to give these kids." >> reporter: "it's like breaking a promise." >> "it's like breaking a promise." jim acosta, president obama says arrangements may be worked out for some schools to re-book their
Mar 19, 2013 8:00pm PDT
days? even in a rebounding economy, many workers say they don't think they can afford to retire. a new survey by the employee benefit research institute says 28% of americans are not confident about their retirement savings. the highest that number's been in 23 years. .and more than double what it was back in 2007, when only 10% of americans were worried about having enough for their golden years. surprisingly, a majority are reporting that their savings and investments are less than $25,000, with some having less than $1,000 in the piggy bank. part of the problem is that many americans are too worried about the short- term, to look so far ahead. saving for retirement isn't the most pressing concern when people are constantly worried about job uncertainty, day-to-day expenses and paying off their debt. i'm vicki liviakis, kron 4 news. >> popular yoga pants.considered too revealing.are now being pulled from store shelves. lulu lemon has recalled its black yoga pants because the sheer material can show too much skin. the company says it is not sure why the pants are so sheer since they h
Mar 20, 2013 8:00pm PDT
the federal reserve stood by its plans to boost the economy. here are today's closing numbers. the dow was up 56 points. it briefly traded at an all-time high today. the nasdaq rose 25 points. and the s-and-p - was up 10 points. >> the senate has passed a huge spending bill to fund the government through the end of september. the bill would avoid a partial federal shutdown at the end of the month. a vote tomorrow in the house would send the measure to the president for his signature. it includes funding for the day-to-day operating budgets of every cabinet agency, and another 87- billion dollars for military operations in afghanistan and iraq. >> the unemployment rate for veterans dropped last year, according to a new labor report. but veterans still lag behind non-veterans in the job market. the jobless rate for veterans who served in the military since the 9-11 terror attacks dropped by two percent in 2012. >> rising gas prices are really taking a chunk out of people's monthly budgets. but now a bay area grocer is working with a local oil company -- to reduce prices at gas statio
Mar 17, 2013 8:00pm PDT
south korea would damage its economy and effect its relationship with its neighbors and key ally the united states, mr. chung and his supporters believe it's the price they may have to pay to ensure denuclearization on the korean peninsula". regardless of whether or not south korea down the nuclear route, the south korean government under new president park geun-hye says if there is any military provocation from pyongyang it will retaliate with destructive force. anna coren, cnn, seoul. three people have been arrested after two inmates escaped from a correctional facility in quebec canada. using a helicopter. police caught one of the escapees -- who was described as a high profile offender. he was behind bars in connection with an attempted murder investigation. the other inmate is still on the loose -- and police have not identified the other people who were arrested. the helicopter's pilot is considered to be a witness -- not a suspect. cleveland has the rock n roll hall of fame. coming up, we'll show you the rock stars of sf state's hall of fame. plus we'll get a look at that sea
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4